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Air Conditioning Repair

During the warmer months we will help keep your home nice and cool! At Bosque we provide high-quality air conditioning repair and service to help you avoid the summer heat. Our expert technicians can install air conditioning systems, and provide repair, maintenance, and emergency services.

24 Hour Emergency Air Conditioning Service

In the heat of Albuquerque summers, it’s important for your health to have a working air conditioning unit that effectively keeps you cool. A malfunctioning air conditioner can affect the health of the elderly, children, and people suffering from chronic illness.

At Bosque we want to make sure you are always taken care of with our 24-hour air conditioning services: install, repair, or maintain your air conditioning system to keep it functioning throughout the warmer months. Our knowledge and expertise will help reduce the downtime of a broken system and keep the cost of the repair to a minimum.

Why Choose Bosque For Your AC Repairs?

We provide expert residential air conditioning repair services in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Los Lunas and surrounding areas. Call us today for all your air conditioning system needs, and our regular and emergency services will take care of any issues to properly cool your home.

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